How to apply for a job: 7 tips

By: Pedro Ferreira - August 4, 2023

How to apply for a job: 7 tips

Looking for a job is not, nor has it ever been, an easy task, which is why people who are going to apply for a job need to know the correct way to do it and what are the best strategies and tools for this purpose. These days , for someone who hasn't looked for a job in a while, it might be surprising to discover that the process is quite different than it used to be a few years ago. Newspaper job advertisements have largely been replaced by online applications or offers, and automated systems or artificial intelligence are more likely to do the initial screening of a resume long before the hiring manager or human resources technician.

In our Mozambican business environment, especially in the public sector, traditional application methods still persist, however the internet, through specialized applications and websites, as well as social networks such as LinkedIn, for example, dominate the ways in which candidates can access job opportunities in the general market.

So how to apply for a job?

The entire application process follows a few steps, which the candidate must know very well in order to be successful. Whoever is going to apply for a job needs to understand that the first task to be done is to do a research on the existing job opportunities around them. Dozens to hundreds of vacancies and job opportunities are published daily, which is why it is necessary for candidates, taking into account their training area and technical-professional skills, to search for these vacancies in all available means. It is also essential to improve personal presentation, from the organization of the curriculum vitae , to the way of dressing, communicating, as well as focusing on maintaining a professional and positive image.

If some time ago, as we have seen, advertisements in newspapers were the main source of job opportunities, and CVs were submitted on paper and delivered by mail or in person; today, emailing resumes or filling out online forms has become the norm. Also, a long time ago, job interviews were pretty predictable and advice and advice wasn't readily available for job seekers. However, all that has changed, the competition is greater and the technological leap is evident. It becomes necessary for the candidate to increasingly broaden his contacts to expand the chances of getting the job, to develop several CVs based on the different positions he is looking for and to focus only on the most relevant skills and achievements for that purpose.

It is also important to seek advice from those who know to be able to guide you. Below are some practical tips that can help you in this job application process:

Take initiative and be bold

Applying for a job is much more than simply submitting a resume or biography. Currently, one of the most powerful and effective ways to apply for a job is to detect a problem that a company is facing and propose a solution for it. This attitude impresses employers, as few candidates have a pro-active attitude. Companies are looking for professionals focused on finding solutions to the problems they face.

Search for the right companies for you

More than searching for the job you like, research the company you would like to work for. A good starting point is to access the company's history on the Internet and perform a query on the company name to look for news, current events or comments about the company. Another tip is to connect with people who work at the companies you are applying for. By networking with these people, you'll get a better idea of the company's overall culture.

Develop your network

As already mentioned, in the process of applying for a job it is also important to invest in good networking, that is, to maintain good relationships and seek to keep in touch with people from the same area of training, as well as other people from the professional world. Networking is so powerful that nowadays one of the things that most contribute to people being hired in companies is having a reference, that is, someone with some academic or professional credit, who can recommend a candidate to a certain company.

Have your CV up to date

Always having your CV ready for application means ensuring that it is optimized according to the job you want to apply for. Keeping it up to date means adding your latest education, experience and skills. After preparing your resume, proofread it to ensure that there are no errors and that all essential information is contained.

Ask people to be your references

Many employers ask you to provide professional references that can speak to your job performance. Choose people who have worked closely with you in the past, such as a former supervisor or co-worker. Talk to the people you want to use as references to make sure they are okay with providing your information to the employer. Then confirm the contact information so that you can include it in your registration form.

Ensure an impeccable online presence

Employers and recruiters can scour your social media for information about you. Any negativity they see could cause them to eliminate you as a candidate for the job, so it's important to erase or hide anything you don't want seen.

Application follow-up

Hiring companies may need time to review and classify the profiles received and therefore it is advised that the candidate waits around two weeks before contacting them to check the status of his application. This makes the candidate demonstrate a professional posture, otherwise it may convey the idea of insecurity or impatience.

In closing, we emphasize that it is essential for the candidate to apply for a work area that is of his/her domain or interest, and should always seek to meet all the necessary conditions to be eligible for these vacancies, in order to be successful in the end.

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