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mindfulness at work

Mindfulness at work

Living in a fast-paced world, especially in a professional context, where demands are increasing and the pressure to perform is constant, can overload our mind and harm our performance over time. In this challenging scenario, the practice of mindfulness at work emerges as an essential tool to face distractions, manage stress and promote balance and…

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conflict management at work

Conflict management at work

The management of labor conflicts is a critical component for effectiveness and harmony in organizations. Conflicts in the workplace can arise from various sources, such as personality differences, unmet expectations, cultural differences, disputes over resources, among others. These conflicts, if not addressed properly, can have significant impacts on organizations, affecting employee morale, productivity and, ultimately,…

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labor well-being

Labor well-being: Its advanteges and how to promote it

Labor well-being is an increasingly valued concept in companies. Despite seeming a commonplace , this concept involves a series of elements crucial to the success of an organization and the satisfaction of its employees , including promoting a healthy work environment, both physically and mentally, recognizing the value of employees, providing opportunities for growth and…

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inclusive leadership

Inclusive leadership: what is it and how to promote it?

Let's imagine this situation: a company that operates in the technology field is planning an important project that involves multidisciplinary teams, including developers, designers, salespeople and communication specialists. The project leader adopts a series of strategies that aim to achieve a diversity of skills and perspectives within the team, without negatively impacting the behavior of…

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