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The rental of private offices is an option at all our Business Centres. With areas ranging from 10 to 200 m2, our furnished and air-conditioned offices will provide you the required privacy so you can develop your work at a professional environment, allowing also access to a unique network of entrepreneurs in Mozambique, offering unrepeatable networking opportunities as well as unique corporate development.

The strategical locations of these Business Centres will allow your company to be located where it really matters, granting also access to a wide range of resources such as meeting room, courier service or reception service.

Benefits included at private offices rental

Cowork Lab 1


1063 Avenida Paulo Samuel Kankhomba, Maputo

Cowork Lab 2


Rua 1301, nº 61, Sommerschield, Maputo

Cowork Lab 3


Rua Damião de Góis, nº 438, Sommerschield, Maputo

Cowork Lab 4


Avenida Kwame Nkrumah, nº 417, Sommerschield, Maputo

Cowork Lab 5


Rua José Craveirinha, nº 198, Sommerschield, Maputo

Cowork Lab 6


Avenida António Simbine, nº 114 Maputo Cidade de Maputo, 1000, Moçambique

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Spaces with Virtual office services in Maputo

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