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At our coworking service we provide open space shared offices.

For those who search a flexible and scalable solution, we offer a work place on shared desk and, for the ones who search for more privacy and personal organization space, we also offer a private desk, being all our characteristic services available for both plans.

Whether you hire an office with a fixed or flexible location, in our coworking centers in Maputo and Oeiras, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • 24/7 access to a fixed desk for the exclusive use of the company
  • Access to meeting room up to a maximum of 10h/month
  • Delivery service up to a maximum of 4h/month
  • 100 black and white copies/prints per month
  • Reception service
  • Unlimited shared Wireless Internet
  • Cleaning & Security

Daily cowork

If your needs are occasional, you can also rent a shared office by the day, which ensures:

  • Access to a variable seat at a shared table for one day
  • Unlimited shared Wireless Internet

Our Spaces with Shared Offices

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