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What is a virtual office

Technological advancements and the way they affect the way the world spins is not only growing at an accelerating pace, it is also changing the way humanity adapts to and exploits these advances. If 20 years ago an office had a monotonous, inflexible environment, with no laptops, no Wi-Fi, no cloud and a slower work rate, today, with the incorporation of modern values ​​and technology in the work environment, we observe an unprecedented growth in the way we do business, promoting at the same time the creativity and well-being of employees, but also with a flexible approach to work, facilitating, for example, remote work and consequently the emergence of the virtual office. And what is a virtual office if not a pressing response to today’s demands…

With more and more business owners and leaders turning to the digital world for increased profits, cost savings and process improvement, managing the business remotely has become a necessity and the norm. Therefore, the virtual office has become the simple and suitable tool of choice, above all, for those who want to improve the balance between personal and professional life, allowing them to work anywhere in the world without losing efficiency.

What is a virtual office and why does it matter?

A virtual office is a comprehensive suite of online business solutions that allows you to work easily from anywhere in the world without wasting the benefits of a physical office. More simply, a virtual office provides a digital platform from which you can carry out operations remotely, but it also offers your company a physical business address and presence in a desired location. But it’s not just a physical address; Virtual offices offer a range of services to help your business run efficiently from wherever you are.

What is included in a virtual office?

One of the main benefits of a virtual office is the possibility of customizing services based on your needs. Virtual office packages come in a variety of sizes and features, so you will often only pay for the services you need. The biggest feature of a virtual office is a professional business address that gives your business a physical address without the high cost of income. The most basic of packages will contain this feature but, depending on the provider, a virtual office can also provide an e-mail box, telephone numbers, receptionists or answering services and access to meeting spaces, thus presenting itself as an ideal tool for who works remotely.

How do these features work?

Virtual business address

One of the biggest problems remote businesses face is the lack of a physical business address. This presents several problems for a successful business, such as difficulty in obtaining license requirements or receiving correspondence and visits at a professional address. Virtual offices presents as a solution, they providing your company with a real, physical business address at the location of your choice. You will not only have a real mailing address, but you will also be able to use this address to register your company, open a commercial bank account and even benefit from the advantages of a prestigious location that your company now has.

Access to meeting and office spaces

All virtual offices give your company a prestigious physical address to impress your customers, however, even with this advantage they need other services that distinguish them and characterize them so that they are not just mere imaginary addresses. One such service is an actual physical office location that you can visit anytime to handle business. In this space, you can schedule meetings with potential clients at the indicated location and have the company logo proudly displayed in the office, all without the high cost of owning your own space.

Virtual Mailbox Services

A virtual mailbox is a digital mail service that allows you to manage your email on your own terms. With this service, your company has a physical address where your correspondence is received and processed. They are then scanned and uploaded onto a digital platform where your virtual mailbox is hosted. That means you’ll have immediate access to it no matter where you are. There are a variety of services and amenities that come with virtual mailbox packages. Most of these services include the forwarding, processing or retention of packages. These services are fully customizable and usually billed as needed..

Telephone Services

One of the advantages that a virtual office plan offers is the ability to obtain a local phone number that can be used as a central point in communication with your customers, avoiding as much as possible receiving calls directly on your mobile phone. In addition to this advantage, this package provides a receptionist to handle all incoming calls. During business hours, a professional and friendly receptionist will answer calls directed from your number with a personalized greeting. After answering the customer, he/she can activate the option to transfer that call directly to you or make a courtesy call to let you know who is calling and what the issue or reason is; being able to offer you all the information of the call.

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Why do you need a virtual office?

Staying ahead in business means always staying on top of emerging trends and tools to help you succeed. A virtual office will reduce your costs by spending only what is necessary and make your working life easier, more efficient, more flexible and more fun, allowing you to have more time to focus on the aspects of your business that really matter.

Whether you are a self-employed person, a small business owner, a freelancer, a startup manager or looking to expand your business, a virtual office is a wise choice as it offers the benefits of flexibility while at the same time giving credibility to your business.

With a virtual office you still have a number of benefits that characterize modern working environments, such as remote work being an easy and efficient way to do this and allowing you to cut and control costs while maintaining a professional business profile.

Another benefit relates to expanding your business to a great location. A virtual office can put you in the center of the best cities or exclusive areas for doing business, as well as on best the path to your future clients. Having a virtual office can save you a lot of direct and indirect rental costs and at the same time present a legitimate image to your clients.

Grow and expand your business into a global brand while working from the comfort of a sofa at home or in a beach hut anywhere in the world. A virtual office can help you move your business to large dimensions without major worries.

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